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Suki's Latest Book

Alpha Bitch to Enchantress

You have made it in a “man’s world” by sacrificing other parts of your life along the way. In order to get where you are you very likely adopted way of being – forceful, direct, and logical. And it worked! But then why do you find yourself alone, stressed, and sexy as a wet blanket?


When women claim power through a competitive “eat what you kill” approach, ultimately it takes a toll on their intimate relationships and physical well-being. Learn how to create an entirely new paradigm of personal leadership and shift your romantic relationships by embracing and cultivating your natural feminine edge. This way you can continue to thrive at work AND magnetize the love you desire.


This book is manual to reclaim your divine feminine powers of:


  • Fluidity: Shapeshift to face any challenge with grace and ease

  • Emotions: Master your emotions instead of being enslaved by them

  • Magnetism: Magnetize instead of constantly chasing

  • Intuition: Tap a universal intelligence beyond the logical mind

  • Nurturance: Cultivate and utilize the expansive power of the heart

  • Interdependence: Create a win-win outcome in any situation

  • Nature: Connect to the healing and regenerative wisdom of nature

  • Embodiment: Become sensual, present, and at ease in your body


Alpha Bitch to Enchantress redefines femininity for the 21st Century. By using the knowledge and practices shared in this book, you will be able to awaken to your feminine super powers and become magnetic, fierce, and irresistible.

Alpha Bitch to Enchantress Book by Suki Sohn

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