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Leading with Your Feminine Edge: 8 Leadership Qualities Stronger in Women

#womeninbusiness, #feminineleadership, #feminineedge, #womenempowerment Humans have a 99% DNA match with are closest relatives in the animal kingdom Bonobo chimpanzees. Interestingly, men and women of the human species also have 99% DNA match. Men and women of the human species are as different from each other as Bonobo chimps to humans! Naturally, these difference show up in how women and men differ in their cognitive functions, emotional processing, and social behavior.

Defining Feminine Leadership

#feminineleadership, #femaleempowerment, #feminineedge, #womeninbusiness, #womenmeanbusiness There is a lot of hype and discussion around diversity and inclusion these days.  Advocates believe that diversity will increase profitability and productivity.  However, gender or ethnicity alone cannot and will not bring about the desired outcome of diversity.  After all, a wolf in lamb skin is still a wolf.  If you hire a bunch of women who for so out of touch with their femininity

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