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How to Access the Power of Now

Rejection, resentment, and regret are projections of the mind that keep us trapped in the past instead of the learning from these experiences to improve our present moment and future.

The mind, unlike the body, is free of time and space. The disparity between the body and the mind can create negative emotions and behaviors. If your mind is in the future while your body is in the present moment, you’ll feel anxiety and sometimes fear about the future. When your mind is stuck in the past, you often feel regret and guilt. In contrast, if your mind is in the present with the body, you are able to gaze to the future with hope. Similarly, with the mind and body anchored to the present, you can reach back and access wisdom from your past experiences. The body can only be in the present, and thus is the tool for you to access the power of the present moment.

You can’t do anything about the past or some imaginary future you fear. The only time you can take action and influence our life is in the now. Increasing body awareness is one way to bring your mind to the present moment. From the present moment, you are able to manage the melodrama created by the mind in reaction to rejection, resentment, and regret. When you find yourself stuck in negative emotions, check where your mind has wandered off to and gently bring it back it to the present moment with your breath.


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