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About Suki

Suki is a business strategist, entrepreneur, and feminine leadership coach. Her passion is to empower women to embrace their innate feminine edge to create a new paradigm for feminine leadership.

Suki’s journey into personal transformation started over a decade ago when her divorce left her physically and emotionally depleted. As work stress mounted, she found herself with chronic back pain, insomnia, migraines, and depression that made her determined to regain her emotional and physical health. When MRIs, CT scans, and western medical approaches did not provide satisfactory long-term answers or solutions, she looked to holistic mind-body-spirit approaches.

Suki Sohn | Author | Speaker | Executive Coach

This led her to study many esoteric and spiritual paths. The exploration of these various paths led to her deep appreciation and fascination of the subtle energies that influence our daily lives. Through various energy modalities, Suki helps clients reclaim their awareness and connection to the Universal energy to optimize mental and physical health.

A central piece of her work is to assist her clients to reclaim, cultivate and appreciate innate and natural feminine aspects of fluidity, heart-centeredness, and intuition. So many women in the work force have lost touch of their feminine super powers as they modeled men to become successful in their careers. Suki shares a vision and process to help women develop a new leadership paradigm for women.

Previously, Suki worked in finance and media with Fortune 100 companies such as the Walt Disney Company, News Corporation, Lehman Brothers, and Fortress Investment Group.  She holds a B.A. in History from Bryn Mawr College and Masters in Business Administration from INSEAD, France.  She lives in Irvington, New York with her husband John O'Connor and her two sons.


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